Reduce risk of asthma attack

Asthma attack school

The Asthma Foundation Victoria has produced an article that I received with my children’s school newsletter ‘Back to School 2012 reducing the risk of an asthma attack in February: Tips for Parents and Carers’.

The article explains that there are ‘spikes’ in asthma symptoms and subsequent hospital admissions, throughout the first few weeks of February.
Spikes occur largely due to children coming back into contact with ‘asthma triggers’ that they have been away from during the holidays. Possible triggers maybe dust and mould, cold and flu virus, cleaning products. Triggers may also include anxiety and stress associated with the return to school.
The article outlines that parents and caregivers can help avoid exacerbating asthma by ensuring that children have their medication and having a current Asthma Action Plan. Children’s’ asthma needs to be well managed and reviewed annually by their GP. Children should know how to recognise their own symptoms and seek help when necessary.
Please see The Asthma Foundation Victoria for the full article.

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