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Administering my first EpiPen


MedBag EpiPen Pouch

I had to put my Anaphylaxis training into use recently and administer my first EpiPen to my husband. My 14 year old decided to make a concoction with ice-cream and a mixed bag of chocolate when her four friends had a sleep over. They crushed all the chocolates and mixed them through the ice-cream (I was not aware that this had been done). My husband decided to have some ice-cream whilst watching TV a couple of nights later. He didn’t have the lights on and just scooped out the ice-cream. Of course there was a snickers bar! He commenced vomiting but regained enough composure to wake me and say “WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THE ICE-CREAM’ (my husband is very calm and doesn’t ever raise his voice but he was a little agitated here). Of course I had no idea…I ran into the kitchen and looked at the ice-cream and spied a peanut (Thanks to the snickers). All the training I had made me confident but it is amazing that simple things like have him seated flew out of my head.

All ended up ok but I am solo glad to have had the training.

Anaphylaxis Advice & Support Line: 1300 725 911 http://www.rch.org.au/allergy/community_education/Community_Education_Training/

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One of the challenges of having an allergy, asthma, anaphylaxis or other medical conditions that require medication is how to transport and store these in a convenient and safe manner. Medbag have developed a product range that answers this need. Our bags are designed to hold your medication so that if and when you need to use them they are right at hand. The bags are excellent for schools, child care centres, carers and parents as they ensure the safety of children/adolescents that are in you care.

BBC Casualty features MedBag


BBC's Hit show Casualty - MedBag for Anaphylaxis

The UK Hit TV Show - 'Casualty' reaches for MedBag's EpiPen pouch in its latest episode- 'Forsaking All Others'.


We have been featured in several local and international media but we are very excited the BBC selected our MedBag EpiPen pouch for their episode on Anaphylaxis.

The Allergy shop in Ireland was contacted to purchase and showcase our product.

MedBag was chosen to feature in the Episode demonstrating 'How to use a Epipen in an emergency'. 

The producers at Casualty clearly show to how easy our medbag is to use in an Emergency Anaphylactic situation.


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Asthma Australia warns of back to school spike in asthma hospitalisations

Asthma Australia warns of back to school spike in asthma hospitalisations

February 3, 2016

A SPIKE in asthma hospitalisations when children return to school has prompted a warning for parents to be prepared.

Asthma Australia wants mums and dads to speak to their doctors to update their children’s asthma action plans and make sure they are taking preventive medications as prescribed.

Aberfeldie mum Helen West knows all too well the impact asthma can have, with both of her children diagnosed with the lung condition.

Aidan, 12, has been hospitalised three times due to asthma with the most recent incident about two years ago when he woke up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe.

His attacks are triggered when he has a virus, while nine-year-old sister Ella’s asthma is more episodic and is set off when she exercises.

“Aidan was diagnosed when he was three. We had a trip to the emergency department as he was breathing really rapidly when he caught a cold,” Ms West said.

She has created a convenient “medibag” for Aidan, who also has anaphylaxis, including an asthma pump and EpiPen.

“He carries a pack pretty much everywhere he goes to deal with his medical needs. He copes really well because he is a very organised child,” she said

Ms West said she had arranged to speak to the nurse at Aidan’s new secondary school so they would be aware of his condition and triggers.

She said being organised helped the family feel prepared in an event of an asthma attack.

Asthma Australia chief executive officer Mark Brooke said they saw a spike in asthma hospitalisations when children headed back to school each year.

“Asthma action plans need to be provided to schools and we are urging parents to get ready early by seeing their GP for an asthma check-up before children return to school,” Mr Brooke said.

Respiratory paediatrician Adam Jaffe said it was wasn’t known why hospitals saw a peak in asthma related admissions at this time, but it could be because of increased exposure to respiratory viruses once children mixed with a larger number of peers.

Asthma Australia has advice including checklists to help parents prepare for school available online and its helpline.

Details: 1800 278 426 (1800 ASTHMA) or asthmaaustralia.org





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