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Administering my first EpiPen


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I had to put my Anaphylaxis training into use recently and administer my first EpiPen to my husband. My 14 year old decided to make a concoction with ice-cream and a mixed bag of chocolate when her four friends had a sleep over. They crushed all the chocolates and mixed them through the ice-cream (I was not aware that this had been done). My husband decided to have some ice-cream whilst watching TV a couple of nights later. He didn’t have the lights on and just scooped out the ice-cream. Of course there was a snickers bar! He commenced vomiting but regained enough composure to wake me and say “WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THE ICE-CREAM’ (my husband is very calm and doesn’t ever raise his voice but he was a little agitated here). Of course I had no idea…I ran into the kitchen and looked at the ice-cream and spied a peanut (Thanks to the snickers). All the training I had made me confident but it is amazing that simple things like have him seated flew out of my head.

All ended up ok but I am solo glad to have had the training.

Anaphylaxis Advice & Support Line: 1300 725 911 http://www.rch.org.au/allergy/community_education/Community_Education_Training/

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