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MedBag is a portable, durable bag that gives both parents and caregivers peace of mind. Medbag allows you to easily ensure that children have their necessary medication at hand. It has been designed with practicality in mind when storing and carrying medication. Medbag can be easily personalised with a child’s photo and name tag. The bag has a clear front to enable the content of the bag to be viewed and a carry handle with an adjustable strap. The clear pocket on the reverse side of the bag stores various medical management plans that can be filled out in accordance to individual requirements. These plans are downloadable on the Medbag web site so that they are easy to update in accordance to medical needs. With this bag there can be no confusion.

Note: Please also add to the cart the documentation that you require so it may be added to your Medbag.


EpiPen® Guidelines

EpiPen® have recently changed their guidelines, reducing the amount of time needed to hold the auto-injector in place after injecting from 10 seconds to 3 seconds. Some of the EpiPen auto-injectors will still have the old 10 second guideline while some will have the new 3 second guideline.

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