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Testimonials for the Medbag

With a son that has multiple food allergies and asthma, the MEDBAG provides all of his carers with not only all of his medication in one convenient, easy to use bag, but more importantly the ability for them to refer to his action plans which are easy to see and read. It makes leaving him so much easier, as all know exactly what they need to do in case of an emergency. A must for anyone with medical needs. – Carol Galt

Our Kindergarten guidelines require us to have children’s’ medication stored in a particular manner that includes having their medication labeled and ensuring that medication is in a visible container – MedBag meets these requirements. Medbag ensures that storing, identifying and accessing information is simple both at kinder and on their excursions.
- Kay Harrison - Kindergarten Teacher with 36 years experience.

What a great design, the Medbag makes school camps so much easier. As a first aider, teacher & parent on camp, managing various medication for lots of different children is complex! The Medbag make’s medication simpler, the photo to quickly confirm you have the right bag, all the medication dosages & plans are easy to find when you are in a hurry. Thank you, I would recommend the Medbag to every parent, it gives you that extra bit of security knowing that your child's medications are easy for others to manage. – Dr Lisa Newton, Teacher, parent

As a therapist with a degree in psychology and an extensive background of counseling children and families I believe the MedBag is an invaluable tool. My son has been diagnosed with a heart condition that requires an action plan and medication. The MedBag allows me to store all his necessary equipment in the most simple and practical manner. Having MedBag ensures we always have ALL of his necessary equipment and information in one spot. The MedBag reassures my son that should he have an issue with his heart he will be cared for properly, giving him confidence to leave my care and leave the house. The MedBag reassures me that others with him will have clear direct and easy information for his management, that I haven’t left out important information and the carers are more comfortable taking him and therefore more inclined to have him in their care. Importantly for his carers which include family, friends, school and activities they have everything in a highly visible package with clear step by step instructions alleviating anxiety about remembering what to do and giving reassurance about the action plan they implement. I would highly recommend the MedBag from both a personal and professional perspective. – Ann-Marie Starr. BA psych. BA Social Welfare. Ass dip Child care. Cert4, Dip Hyp

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